Use a control log, common docketing system, or tax return tracking software to help avoid missed deadlines. BlueInclude all tax returns and related forms, such as those related to minor children, unfunded trusts, foreign financial accounts, foreign earned income, and state filings, even if the client falls below the filing threshold in the current year. BlueUpdate the control log for responsible client parties. Memorialize the following informationBlue in the control log:
  • Original due date and extended filing due dates for each tax return
  • Information receipt date
  • Date(s) additional information is requested or questions asked
  • Date(s) of client response(s) to additional information requested
  • Completion dates by preparers and reviewers
  • Approvals by the firm and client
  • Assembly, delivery, mailing, filing and acceptance dates
15 things to include in a
control log
What to do during busy tax season
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