what to do now … before the big rush
ways to to assist staff in preparing for tax season
Staff are critical to a successful tax season. Review this section to help ensure that you are addressing their needs.
Provide a training plan for staff and independent contractors. The training should focus on changes in local, state, and federal tax laws, including the American Rescue Plan Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, and those related to new and expiring tax provisions. Include a timeline for completion. Consider separate training tracks for staff, managers, and partners whose responsibilities regarding tax return preparation may differ.
Review tax research resources and training materials. Ensure that up-to-date resources are available to staff. Verify that staff has access to electronic tools and databases used as reference materials.
Revise procedures based upon last year’s post tax-season wrap-up meeting. The purpose of this review is to improve current year processes for managing tax return preparation.
Remind the tax department to amend engagement letters for changes in scope. For a refresher on how scope creep can be detrimental to the firm, read Don’t Let Scope Creep Lead You Out of Bounds.