Provide a training plan for staff and independent contractors, concentrating on changes in local, state, and federal tax laws,
including Tax Reform and those related to new and expiring tax provisions. Include a timeline for completion. Consider separate training tracks for staff, managers, and partners, whose responsibilities regarding tax return preparation may differ.
Review library resources and training materials
and ensure that up-to-date resources are available to staff. Verify that staff has access to electronic tools and databases used as reference materials.
Revise procedures based upon last year’s post tax-season wrap-up meeting
to improve current year processes for managing tax return preparation.
Remind the tax department to amend engagement letters for changes in scope.
For a refresher on how scope creep can be detrimental to the firm, read
Don’t Let Scope Creep Lead You Out of Bounds.
what to do now … before the big rush
ways to help staff prepare for tax season