Developing a CPA Firm Business Plan
Step one in launching a CPA firm is to develop a written business plan – an outline of all aspects of your anticipated practice. It captures all your thoughts in a logical, detailed presentation that not only acts as your guide, but also tells others what your business is all about. A solid business plan is critical if and when you seek funding for your venture.

Your business plan should:

  • Outline the goals of your business identify the structure of your business (sole proprietor, partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Company)
  • Describe your experience and skills
  • Describe the services you will provide and competitive advantages you foreseeIdentify your market and client potential
  • Outline pricing for your servicesExplain management and staffingOutline equipment and office requirements
  • Estimate start-up costs
  • Estimate monthly operating costsEstimate projected revenueDefine the source of start-up and operating capital
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